BDO: Decision, decisions, decisions

As well as trying to learn the basics of the game I’m struggling to nail down what should be the easiest decision to make……… class choice.

I don’t in general play females in MMOs as its not really my bag being male in real life so the (outdated imo) gender lock should have made my life a little easier as the majority of classes in the game are female……….sex sells I suppose.

As I have a couple of friends playing the game I try and actively avoid playing their chosen classes which stand as Warrior and Ninja.

This left me with Striker, Wizard, Musa or Berserker.

So far I’ve tried Striker and Wizard up to around level 18 and whilst both had their good points I just wasn’t feeling it and I’m loathe to invest hours and hours of playtime in either of them. Striker in theory was really cool and I did enjoy the combat more than the wizard due to more combo driven combat however the lack of weapon, which perversely I first noted as a positive, kind of wore me down a bit. I also did a bit of research in regards to awakenings and neither really floated my boat. They simply looked like buffed versions of their unawakened gameplay and didn’t offer anything new bar being a little bit more shiny and flashy.

This of course lead the Musa or Berserker.

I hummed and hawed a bit, spoke to some helpful people in chat and surfed forums and reddit to see what the general strengths and weaknesses were. It’s pretty important I get my choice right as a casual player who doesn’t always have a lot of time to play I need my play time to mean something and if I want to progress and get the most out of the game I can only really focus on one character.

Ultimately I have decided to make that character a Berserker.

The class aesthetically may not be the ‘best looking’ however they do have a charm to them and the combat looks pleasingly destructive and impactful. To me a dual wielding giant with battle axes and the addition of an arm cannon sounds a little bit more interesting than a samurai with the typical sword/bow/spear.

Fingers crossed I’ve made the right choice this time.