A Quiet Week on the Gaming front

I’ve been a little preoccupied with real life stuff over the past week or so which has meant my gaming time has been few and far between.

It doesn’t help that I’m really struggling still to nail down a main in BDO which is making it hard for me to push on past the first few nodes. I’ll need to just bite the bullet and get on with it. One thing I will say is I notice my little band of real life friends who are playing are pretty much treating BDO like a single player game at the minute.

In other news I picked up Shadows of Mordor in the steam summer sale.

Its a game I played at my brother in laws but never bothered picking it up myself so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.  I absolutely adore anything LoTR and this game is no different. Kind of makes me pine for LoTRO but the lack of pvp and weird player animations/graphics always make me stop playing after a week or so. Maybe one day they wont get the license renewal and we will see another developer pick up the franchise……..

Hopefully have more to say on games etc soon. I blame the fact Scotland is actually getting decent weather for a change so have to make the most of it.

Until next time.