New Blog – New Game

So I bought Black Desert Online at the weekend.

I was visiting my brother in law at the weekend who informed me he was fed up with GW2 and wanted to try something a bit different. I was a bit disappointed as I’ve been enjoying my time in Tyria however I much prefer playing with friends so agreed to join him. We had a little look about and noticed BDO was now on steam so both decided to buy the base game.

At under £7 it’s a relatively low risk gamble if we both hate it. 

I’ll be honest from earlier reviews and reading about it previously I’d dismissed it purely as it seemed like a real grind fest and not really suitable for anyone who wanted a life outside of sitting on the other side of a computer screen. But hey we shall see.

I’ve only sank a few hours into it but so far I can say its very different than any other MMO I’ve played and definitely not your typical on rails theme park game . The story telling is quite interesting and its cut scenes actually surprisingly well done, it reminds me a bit of the Tortage area in Age of Conan on a much grander scale.

A hell of a lot of stuff has went in one ear and out the other as there is a lot to unlearn from my previous experiences in MMOs and relearn in respect of BDO.  Combat for example is really flashy and reactive, including the combo system. I had to make a new profile on my belkin 52te and actually have a think on how best to set up for gameplay.

I’m not willing to make any sweeping statements or come to early conclusions other than I am having fun but am in a constant state of confusion at the same time. This game is deep.

More to come on things such as my class choice etc.