BDO: Gender lock double standards strikes again

Okay. Okay. I get it.

Tits and ass sell more costumes than the old twig and berries but the latest new class announcement is boiling my piss.

Enter the Mystic aka the female Striker…….


I’m actually not against the introduction of the class, the more the merrier in my opinion but not when there isnt an even gender spread.

Where are the male Ranger or Sorcerer?

Players have been screaming out for these since launch but are fed the same lines of they have no plans to introduce them. Why not?!

There are male sorcerers in the actual game and the male ranger was actually in the original teaser trailer.


I would actually give my left nut to be able to play a male Ranger.

As a player who largely prefers to play male toons and who enjoys BDO its a bit disheartening. Especially when it seems the next class on the conveyor belt after the mystic is again female…….


At this point I’m still playing the game……… kind of.

I’ve tried all the existing classes and havent fallen in love with any enough to continue past level 40. I am stuck in the rut where I’m mainly stock piling gold, playing the auction house and doing life skill stuff like fishing.  Hence no posts again.

If they announced the male ranger then I’d be all in and plug more of my free time (and money) into the game but until then I’ll likely stick to stock piling rewards and gold and cross my fingers for some good news.

A Quiet Week on the Gaming front

I’ve been a little preoccupied with real life stuff over the past week or so which has meant my gaming time has been few and far between.

It doesn’t help that I’m really struggling still to nail down a main in BDO which is making it hard for me to push on past the first few nodes. I’ll need to just bite the bullet and get on with it. One thing I will say is I notice my little band of real life friends who are playing are pretty much treating BDO like a single player game at the minute.

In other news I picked up Shadows of Mordor in the steam summer sale.

Its a game I played at my brother in laws but never bothered picking it up myself so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.  I absolutely adore anything LoTR and this game is no different. Kind of makes me pine for LoTRO but the lack of pvp and weird player animations/graphics always make me stop playing after a week or so. Maybe one day they wont get the license renewal and we will see another developer pick up the franchise……..

Hopefully have more to say on games etc soon. I blame the fact Scotland is actually getting decent weather for a change so have to make the most of it.

Until next time.

BDO: A week In

Okay so it’s been around a week since I have started playing BDO and I can safely say I am none the wiser in what I’m really doing or what I’m planning to do.

And you know what?

I love it for that.

I can totally see why some people are put off instantly from the game as for all intents and purposes it is not an easy game to play or understand. It is complex and at some points downright clunky.

Certain mechanics take a while to get the hang of and I still find myself pausing and having to think about certain things. These are things however which will be learned and become more muscle memory than anything else.

The sheer expansiveness of the game and the little handholding it offers may also be a negative for some. The UI can be a nightmare and bombard you with alerts for this that and the next thing which has no relevance to you or your character .i.e. trading post sales etc. This can of course be remedied in the settings screen however I think its something which should be disabled on entry as for me it was confusing being spammed over and over with information.

All of the negatives or perceived negatives for me are eroded by the sheer depth and creative environments around me.  Make no mistake about it this game has succeeded in creating what feels like a living and breathing alternative world. It takes me an age to get anything done simply because I stop and try and take things in and really appreciate some of the world building that has been put in place.

One thing thus far is clear to me, I will never be one of the best players in this game in fact I’ll probably be an easy kill for most players and I’m fine with that. I will enjoy my time in the game and play at my own pace – I don’t feel pushed into rushing to the soft cap as I have so little understanding of what’s on offer and how to do things.

To sum it up, it has rekindled a feeling I have not had since I first logged into Vanilla WoW. A real sense of awe and wonder.  I feel excited about logging on and not knowing what I’m going to do or where my adventure will take me next.  I would say to anyone who is sitting on the fence to give BDO a go.  At its current price on steam it is a steal. My main bit of advice to new players is forget everything you know or have known about MMOs and go into it with an open mind and ready to learn, do that and you may just have found your new MMO home.

Fanboi out….

BDO: Decision, decisions, decisions

As well as trying to learn the basics of the game I’m struggling to nail down what should be the easiest decision to make……… class choice.

I don’t in general play females in MMOs as its not really my bag being male in real life so the (outdated imo) gender lock should have made my life a little easier as the majority of classes in the game are female……….sex sells I suppose.

As I have a couple of friends playing the game I try and actively avoid playing their chosen classes which stand as Warrior and Ninja.

This left me with Striker, Wizard, Musa or Berserker.

So far I’ve tried Striker and Wizard up to around level 18 and whilst both had their good points I just wasn’t feeling it and I’m loathe to invest hours and hours of playtime in either of them. Striker in theory was really cool and I did enjoy the combat more than the wizard due to more combo driven combat however the lack of weapon, which perversely I first noted as a positive, kind of wore me down a bit. I also did a bit of research in regards to awakenings and neither really floated my boat. They simply looked like buffed versions of their unawakened gameplay and didn’t offer anything new bar being a little bit more shiny and flashy.

This of course lead the Musa or Berserker.

I hummed and hawed a bit, spoke to some helpful people in chat and surfed forums and reddit to see what the general strengths and weaknesses were. It’s pretty important I get my choice right as a casual player who doesn’t always have a lot of time to play I need my play time to mean something and if I want to progress and get the most out of the game I can only really focus on one character.

Ultimately I have decided to make that character a Berserker.

The class aesthetically may not be the ‘best looking’ however they do have a charm to them and the combat looks pleasingly destructive and impactful. To me a dual wielding giant with battle axes and the addition of an arm cannon sounds a little bit more interesting than a samurai with the typical sword/bow/spear.

Fingers crossed I’ve made the right choice this time.


New Blog – New Game

So I bought Black Desert Online at the weekend.

I was visiting my brother in law at the weekend who informed me he was fed up with GW2 and wanted to try something a bit different. I was a bit disappointed as I’ve been enjoying my time in Tyria however I much prefer playing with friends so agreed to join him. We had a little look about and noticed BDO was now on steam so both decided to buy the base game.

At under £7 it’s a relatively low risk gamble if we both hate it. 

I’ll be honest from earlier reviews and reading about it previously I’d dismissed it purely as it seemed like a real grind fest and not really suitable for anyone who wanted a life outside of sitting on the other side of a computer screen. But hey we shall see.

I’ve only sank a few hours into it but so far I can say its very different than any other MMO I’ve played and definitely not your typical on rails theme park game . The story telling is quite interesting and its cut scenes actually surprisingly well done, it reminds me a bit of the Tortage area in Age of Conan on a much grander scale.

A hell of a lot of stuff has went in one ear and out the other as there is a lot to unlearn from my previous experiences in MMOs and relearn in respect of BDO.  Combat for example is really flashy and reactive, including the combo system. I had to make a new profile on my belkin 52te and actually have a think on how best to set up for gameplay.

I’m not willing to make any sweeping statements or come to early conclusions other than I am having fun but am in a constant state of confusion at the same time. This game is deep.

More to come on things such as my class choice etc.

Hmmm its been a while

Not that me returning to blogging will mean much to folks.

But hey I personally have missed the ol’ blogosphere and indeed playing MMOs. Its been a while I tell thee.

I have had a few posts sitting in my publish tray for the past few weeks/months all of which ended up being binned. So thought Id best get this one out the way so I can get back into the flow of things.

This blog will mainly be used as a gaming journal to cover my journey and thoughts in whatever MMO tickles my pickle.

And thats all I really have to say for now.