BDO: A week In

Okay so it’s been around a week since I have started playing BDO and I can safely say I am none the wiser in what I’m really doing or what I’m planning to do.

And you know what?

I love it for that.

I can totally see why some people are put off instantly from the game as for all intents and purposes it is not an easy game to play or understand. It is complex and at some points downright clunky.

Certain mechanics take a while to get the hang of and I still find myself pausing and having to think about certain things. These are things however which will be learned and become more muscle memory than anything else.

The sheer expansiveness of the game and the little handholding it offers may also be a negative for some. The UI can be a nightmare and bombard you with alerts for this that and the next thing which has no relevance to you or your character .i.e. trading post sales etc. This can of course be remedied in the settings screen however I think its something which should be disabled on entry as for me it was confusing being spammed over and over with information.

All of the negatives or perceived negatives for me are eroded by the sheer depth and creative environments around me.  Make no mistake about it this game has succeeded in creating what feels like a living and breathing alternative world. It takes me an age to get anything done simply because I stop and try and take things in and really appreciate some of the world building that has been put in place.

One thing thus far is clear to me, I will never be one of the best players in this game in fact I’ll probably be an easy kill for most players and I’m fine with that. I will enjoy my time in the game and play at my own pace – I don’t feel pushed into rushing to the soft cap as I have so little understanding of what’s on offer and how to do things.

To sum it up, it has rekindled a feeling I have not had since I first logged into Vanilla WoW. A real sense of awe and wonder.  I feel excited about logging on and not knowing what I’m going to do or where my adventure will take me next.  I would say to anyone who is sitting on the fence to give BDO a go.  At its current price on steam it is a steal. My main bit of advice to new players is forget everything you know or have known about MMOs and go into it with an open mind and ready to learn, do that and you may just have found your new MMO home.

Fanboi out….


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